Rengga Prakoso Nugroho

is an ordinary final year highschool student.


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I am a final year student at Wonoayu 1 High School. Currently studying Literature and Communication classes.

I lead the Technology and Design research team in my high school. A team that creates technological innovation and graphic design for the needs of school digital publications.

I am currently working on a joint project called E-Opendata. a project that aims to provide public information related to all school activities that are worthy of public consumption.

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  1. Wonoayu Highschool Students Council

    Chief Technology Officer November 2017 –November 2019

    ICT Team Lead November 2017 –Now


  1. Dicoding

    Dasar - dasar Azure Cloud November 2019


  1. SMA Negeri 1 Wonoayu

    Literature and Communications 2017 –2020

    Students Council Coordinator 2017 –2019